Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 Tahoe Bike Challenge by the Numbers

The Tahoe Bike Challenge is an annual event that encourages people to ride a bike instead of using an automobile. The “Challenge” takes place from June 7 to June 20. Participants are encouraged to log their bike mileage at the Tahoe Bike Challenge website for motivation, comparison, and competition with other riders.

                                                                             2014 results: 
Number of riders participating: 323
Total miles: 17,098
Total play/non commute miles: 9,931
Number of trips: 4,115
Elevation gain: 946,830 feet
Pounds of CO2 saved: 18,430
Calories Burned: 735,214
Gasoline cost saved: $3,800

The top rider was Jennifer Capistran with 430 miles.

The Team Competition was won by Lake Tahoe Community College with 1,506 miles.

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