Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Truckee Trout Creek Trail construction is underway

Aspen grove along Trout Creek.

The Trout Creek Trail is a new paved bike trail from Northwoods. Blvd. to Truckee’s historic downtown, with a connection to the existing Pioneer Commercial Center Bikeway.

The trail is being built in two phases with phase one construction underway at the north end of Bridge Street and ending on a dirt section of Euer Valley Road. Phase 2 will pave the dirt Euer Valley Road up to Northwoods Blvd.

Trees have been cut down and heavy equipment is carving the hillside parallel to Trout Creek. The trail will consist of a trail bed 10-14 feet wide with 8-10 feet of paved surface. 1-2 feet of dirt shoulder will line both sides of the pavement.

The bids ranged from $1.1 to $1.5 million dollars for the first phase of construction. Phase two has just been awarded a $1.52 million dollar Grant from the California Transportation Commission. The Town of Truckee will provide 20% of matching funds toward phase two. The estimated cost of phase two is $1.9 million

The new Trout Creek Trail will provide a safe and scenic connection between downtown and Tahoe Donner. 

Trout Creek Trail phase 1 and 2.


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