Monday, October 20, 2014

2015 Amgen Tour Bicycle Race Schedule

2014 Amgen Tour, Folsom, CA

The 10th Anniversary of California’s premier multi day cycling race will begin May 10 and conclude May 17, 2015. A first for 2015 will be the inclusion of a three-day professional women’s cycling race. The women's race is May 8-10, as well as an invitational Time Trial on May 15, 2015.

The eight-day stage race will travel nearly 700 miles in a north-to-south travel route within the state. The cities of Sacramento, Nevada City, Lodi, are as close as the men’s race will get to Lake Tahoe. However, the women’s race will be in South Lake Tahoe and Sacramento.

Schedule and host city:

Women’s Race

            Stage 1: Friday, May 8, South Lake Tahoe
            Stage 2: Saturday, May 9, South Lake Tahoe
            Stage 3: Sunday, May 10, Sacramento
            Individual Time Trial, May 15, Big Bear Lake

Men’s Race

            Stage 1: Sunday, May 10, Sacramento
            Stage 2: Monday, May 11, Nevada City to Lodi
            Stage 3: Tuesday, May 12, San Jose
            Stage 4: Wednesday, May 13, Pismo Beach to Avila Beach
            Stage 5: Thursday, May 14, Santa Barbara to Santa Clarita
            Stage 6: Friday, May 15, Big Bear Lake (Individual Time Trial)
            Stage 7: Saturday, May 16, Ontario to Mt. Baldy
            Stage 8: Sunday, May 17, Los Angeles to Pasadena

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