Thursday, December 4, 2014

World Cup Halfpipe at Copper Mtn. today

Copper Mountain is hosting the season’s first halfpipe event. 43 men and 24 women were on the rooster to begin today’s competition.  The rules change for this year allowed riders three runs instead of just two. Additionally, 6 women and 10 men will advance to the finals. In past years, 6 men and 6 women were allowed in the finals.
FIS photo of double grabbing Ayumu Hirano.
Riders from USA held the top spots for the men and the women. The finals for the men’s and women’s first World Cup will be Thursday, December 6, 2014.

Today’s results: (Qualifying round)

1.       Kelly Clark
2.       Arielle Gold
3.       Queralt Castellet
4.       Hannah Tetter
5.       Elena Hight
6.       Xuetong Cai
7.       Clemence Grimal
8.       Hikaru Oe
9.       Zhifeng  Sun
10.   Sophie Rodriguez

1.       Taylor Gold
2.       Ben Ferguson
3.       Jake Pates
4.       Gregory Bretz
5.       Brett Esser
6.       Yiwei Zhang
7.       Benjamin Farrow
8.       Chase Josey
9.       Taku Hiraoka
10.   Janne Korpi

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