Monday, January 19, 2015

Tahoe Donner Cross Country closes due to poor snowpack

The fourth bad season in a row?

Tahoe Donner Cross Country closed today, due to low snow conditions. They will reopen when they receive more snow, which is uncertain at this time. The National Weather Service is forecasting continued warm temperatures in the Tahoe basin through November 1. The 2014/2015 Sierra snowpack is at 33% of average for this time.

The conditions at Tahoe Donner Cross Country had been restricted for several days due to limited snow and icy conditions. The afternoon sun and 50 degree daytime temperatures have been melting what little snow there is left.

The Tahoe Donner Downhill ski area is still open, but with very limited service. On January 19 they reported one lift operating (Eagle Rock Chairlift) with 2 trails open (Mile Run & Walt’s).  The reported base was “3-8 inches”. Ski conditions are icy in the morning, turning to slushy spring conditions in the afternoon.

Call Tahoe Cross Country after a snowfall to check if they have reopened. 530-587-9484.

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