Saturday, January 14, 2017

Prevent slip and falls with chains for your boots

Walking on snow and ice can sometimes land you on your keister. Even the best rubber soled hiking boots provide poor traction on slippery surfaces. The best solution is to attach temporary traction devices on the soles of your shoe or boot.  You can keep the traction devices in your pocket when you are’t using them.

The best solution I have found are the products from ICEtrekkers. ICEtrekkers has three traction solutions that are easy to install and remove. The rubber elastic sling appears durable and is designed to stay flexible in cold temperatures. My wife and I have the “Chains” product which works well in packed snow and ice.  The case hardened square links are strong and securely attached to the rubber sling.

We enjoy the safety and security of walking with ICEtrekkers. Neither of us have slipped while using them and they haven’t fallen off a single time. ICEtrekkers makes two other products, “Spikes” and “Diamond Grip” that the manufacturer says are even better on ice. However,  we have found the “Chains” to be excellent on ice.

We bought our ICEtrekkers Chains at the Tahoe Sports Hub in Truckee for $24.95. This is the retail price listed at the ICEtrekkers web site.  ICEtrekkers come in various sizes depending on your shoe/boot size.

Stay safe out there. Get some chains for your feet and your keister will love you.


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