OW Swims

Open water swims present an opportunity for competitive athletes to share the water with recreational swimmers. Triathletes often use open water swims as practice for their next triathlon. It’s a time to get together and swim without chlorine and lane lines. 
Navigation is a big part of open water swimming. Buoys that are easily seen from the beach become invisible from water level. The current you didn’t know about, is now pushing you off course. Wind and waves add to your sighting and navigation problems.
1987 Donner Lake Swim
Real swimmers don't use wetsuits, but if you are a triathlete or simply dislike cold water, wetsuits have their own division.

If you find pool swimming more to your liking, see my article on where to swim in the Lake Tahoe area. http://www.tahoetruckeeoutdoor.com/2012/01/lap-swimming-in-tahoe-truckee.html

You may also be interested in the Lake Tahoe Swimming Society.

2015  Open Water Events: 

May 16, Spring Lake 1 mile, 500m, Santa Rosa.

June 6, Lake Berryessa, 1 and 2 mile, Lake Berryessa. 

June 6, Catfish Open Water, 500yd/1.2/2.4M, Lake Del Valle, Livermore. 

June 13, Sand Harbor Open Water Swim, .5/1.2/2.4 mile, Lake Tahoe.

June 13-14, Lake Del Valle 5/10K, 1M, 2.5K, Livermore.

July 18, Trans-Tahoe Relay  5 people cross Lake Tahoe.
July 25, Truckee Open Water Swim, .5/1.2/2.4M swims, Donner Lake.

August 1-2, Roughwater Pier Swims, 1 and 2 mile, Santa Cruz.

August 8, Alcatraz Sharkfest, 1.5 mile, Sold Out 

August  15, Donner Lake, 2.7 mile. Truckee

August 22, Lake Tahoe OW Swim, .5/1.2/2.4M swims, Tahoma.

August 22, Escape from the Rock, Duathlon and swim only, San Francisco.

August 30 Lake Tahoe Sharkfest Swim, 1M, Sand Harbor.
Sept. 5, Golden Gate Sharkfest Swim, 1.6M, Sausalito.

Sept. 13, Whiskey Town Lake, 1 & 2m, Redding.

Sept. 26, Keller Cove Pt. Richmond, .5,1, & 2mile, SF Bay. 

Oct. 10, South Shore Open Water Swim, .5/1.2/2.4 mile, Lake Tahoe.

Oct. 17, Golden Gate Bridge Swim, 1.85 mile, SF Bay.

Many of the above races require a membership in U.S. Master's Swimming

Steven's Creek Open Water Series:    .5/1/2 mile  6:00pm Cupertino, CA

Thursday, June 4, 2015
Thursday, July 2, 2015
Thursday, August 6, 2015

Open water swim safety video by World Triathlon Corporation (Ironman):