Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Connecting Truckee with Nevada City by Trail

The Town of Truckee looking west toward Donner Summit.

The “Pines to Mines Trail” could someday connect two recreation areas on opposite sides of Donner Summit.  A committee of trail advocates have come together to determine the feasibility of a multi-use trail that extends from Nevada City to Truckee. Committee members come from the Forest Service, land trusts, non-profit groups, Nevada County, and Placer County.

The driving force behind the trail connection is Nevada County (District 5) Supervisor Richard Anderson. Anderson believes the trail would bring more visitors and trail users to the county. The committee identified the most difficult trail sections as between Cisco Grove and Eagle Lakes Road and the Pioneer Trail near Lake Spaulding and Bear Valley.

The Pines to Mines Trail would be built over several years with funding from a variety of sources.  The goal is to make the entire trail open to all non-motorized users.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Plans to demolish two bridges in Hirschdale have been shelved

Hirschdale on the Truckee River. Click to enlarge.

Nevada County had plans to demolish two road bridges over the Truckee River and the Union Pacific tracks in Hirschdale. The bridges were built in 1926 and in need of seismic retrofit. There were no plans to replace the bridges, but alternate access to the area served by the bridges was proposed.

Public comment for maintaining the bridges identified significant project issues. As a result, the County is no longer considering bridge removal. The two bridges will remain in place and be upgraded for seismic deficiencies.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Help police identify missing paddle boarder

Unidentified missing man of mystery.

The South Lake Tahoe Police need your help identifying a missing paddle boarder. The mystery paddle boarder rented a paddle board from Standup Paddle last Thursday and hasn’t been heard from since.

A paddle board was found adrift about a half mile from Timber Cove Marina in South Lake Tahoe. The board had been rented from a local rental store, but the store had no identification on the renter. The renter (who spoke with a heavy accent) paid with cash and left no personal information. He identified himself as “Morym”.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hard Core Barrett Lake 4x4 Trail Reopens in Eldorado Forrest

New bridge over Silver Creek. Hi-Landers 4x4 Club.
A popular 4.2 mile Jeep trail from Wright's Lake to Barrett Lake has been reopened. The rugged trail was shut down by court order in 2012 for environmental concerns.

The Hi-Landers 4x4 club was instrumental in making changes to the trail to comply with the court order. The Silver Creek stream crossing was eliminated by building a 45 foot bridge. Other work included bypassing sensitive meadows and restoring abandoned trail sections.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner’s Lake Tahoe Olympic Torch on Auction

Jenner at Ceasers Tahoe

Caitlyn Jenner was part of the 1984 Olympic Torch Relay around Lake Tahoe. Caitlyn carried the torch from Nevada across the state line into California. Jenner became a celebrated athlete for winning the Gold Medal in the Decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Robert Lorsch, the executive who orchestrated the Tahoe Leg of the relay, was able to acquire Caitlyn’s torch as a keepsake. The flame darkened torch symbolizes athletic competition and international brotherhood. The original black leather vinyl carrying case is included with the purchase.